Credence MedSystems is a drug delivery and specialty pharmaceutical company focused on delivering medications safely for the benefit of our patients, caregivers and partners.

Credence MedSystems has changed the paradigm for drug manufacturers commercializing an injectable drug in a differentiated delivery system. The award-winning Companion Safety Syringe System combines a fully compliant, best-in-class injectable drug delivery system with a vastly simplified path to market for our pharma/biotech partners. This is called Innovation Without Change because we offer the innovation of the final device without the change that customarily accompanies combination product development.

For the end-user, the Companion provides integrated automatic needle retraction, syringe reuse prevention and other critical safety and usability features. For the drug manufacturer, the regulatory and development path is vastly simplified and the supply chain is de-risked because the Companion is built onto existing primary package components.

The Companion is available in luer needle, staked needle and dual chamber reconstitution configurations. Across the product family, the user performs the injection and receives end-of-dose cues. Then, passively and automatically, the needle retracts into the syringe barrel and the syringe is permanently disabled.

Credence is under the care of a seasoned team with extensive experience founding, leading and growing successful companies in the medical technology and drug delivery space.

For ordering information or to speak with a Credence representative about your needs, please contact us or call +1-844-CMEDSYS.

This product has not been evaluated by FDA.