The Dual Chamber Reconstitution Syringe offers an enhanced user experience thanks to simplified reconstitution and injection, a pre-attached needle with passive needlestick safety, and a redefined supply chain due to the use of existing syringes and closure components.

Impress Provide a better experience for users, consistently, across our entire platform of products.

An enhanced user experience comes from simplified, safe and accurate drug delivery. The Dual Chamber Reconstitution Syringe provides a viable alternative to ‘ready-to-inject’ solutions, allowing pharmaceutical manufacturers the opportunity to get to market faster with a user-friendly alternative, despite challenging formulations.

  • Single-Step reconstitution

  • Single-Step reconstitution

  • Single-Step reconstitution

  • …and injection with passive needlestick safety

  • …and injection with passive needlestick safety

  • …and injection with passive needlestick safety

Preserve Differentiate without disruption

The use of standard, existing syringe barrels allows a reimagined and redefined supply chain with much greater flexibility.

Protect Safeguard healthcare professionals and patients

Protect your end users from needlestick and prevent reuse—the needle retracts into the plunger rod after use and is secured inside the barrel. Eliminate glue from your combination products, maintaining your drug integrity and enhancing patient safety.

A Simplified Path to Best-In-Class Drug Delivery

Benefits for the Pharma Company

  • Redefined Supply Chain
  • Uniform Diameter Standard Syringes
  • Uses Existing Closure Components
  • Liquid-Liquid or Liquid-Lyo
  • Glue-Free Design

Benefits for the End-User

  • Pre-attached Needle or Luer Connection
  • Simplified Reconstitution and Injection
  • End-of-Dose Cues
  • Passive Integrated Needlestick Safety
  • Smart Syringe Reuse Prevention

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This product has not been evaluated by FDA.
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