Pharmapack 2020 Award

Winner of the Pharmapack 2020 Award for Best Innovation in Drug Delivery Devices


The Credence Connect™ Auto-Sensing Injection System incorporates automatic real-time monitoring of critical injection data into a reusable ergonomic finger grip.

The comfortable grip enhances the usability of any syringe while measuring and transmitting injection information in real time.

The Credence Connect™

The Connect links to the Credence App on a smart phone and provides the user reminders and instructions. The user can visualize the injection as it occurs, watching a meter increment as the medication is delivered. The user then receives feedback on whether the injection was completed successfully.


  1. Applicable to All Syringes
  2. Connected Technology in an Ergonomic Finger Grip
  3. Multiple User Cues

Benefits Throughout the Healthcare Ecosystem

The Credence Connect™ enables healthcare providers and self-injecting patients to automatically collect critical injection data and receive real-time feedback on the success of the injection, while improving usability of the syringe.

The Connect can be used in clinical studies and commercial applications to facilitate use and drive compliance, improve the integrity of clinical data, characterize patient use patterns, and facilitate important communication and new business models in the healthcare ecosystem.

Benefits for the End-User

  • Facilitates Proper Use with Multiple User Cues
  • Real-time Injection Monitoring & Feedback
  • Captures Dose History
  • Comfortable Ergonomic Grip
  • Education & Support Groups for Self-Injectors
  • Enables Rewards and Coupons

Benefits for the Drug Manufacturer

  • Clinical Trial Remote Monitoring & Data Integrity
  • Captures Patient-Use Patterns
  • Can Inform Patient Care Models
  • Promotes Compliance & Cost Containment
  • Enables New Business Models
  • Applicable to All Syringes