When a Pre-Attached Needle is preferred, the Credence Companion® Staked Needle Syringe allows the use of existing drug container components and provides integrated automatic needle retraction and reuse prevention. The platform scales to allow 1ml Long, 2.25ml and other barrel sizes.

Impress Provide a better experience for users, consistently, across our entire platform of products.

The Staked Companion allows conventional syringe procedures while providing end-of-dose cues, passive needlestick safety and reuse prevention

  1. A pre-attached needle simplifies steps for the user and reduces the chance for error.
  2. Clear visibility of the syringe barrel and drug product facilitates visual inspection. The Companion allows conventional air bubble removal and aspiration.
  3. End-of-dose cues signal the completion of the injection. The needle automatically retracts into the syringe barrel and the syringe is disabled.
  4. The compact syringe is ready for safe disposal.

The Credence Companion and the Phillips-Medisize Smart Electronic Autoinjector

Pairing the right innovations creates a powerful synergy

Credence Companion and the Phillips-Medisize Smart Electronic Autoinjector

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Preserve Differentiate without disruption.

The Staked Companion uses existing, commercially available primary package components

Protect Safeguard healthcare professionals and patients

Protect your end users from needlestick and prevent reuse—the needle retracts into the plunger rod after use and is secured inside the barrel. Eliminate glue from your combination products, maintaining your drug integrity and enhancing patient safety.

A Simplified Path to Best-In-Class Drug Delivery

Benefits for the Pharma Company

  • Existing Syringe Components from Preferred Vendors
  • Compliance to Needlestick Prevention Mandates
  • Standard Filling & Simplified Secondary Assembly
  • Glue-Free Design
  • Needle Gauge & Length Flexibility
  • Multiple Sizes Available, Including 1ml Long and 2.25ml

Benefits for the End-User

  • Pre-attached needle
  • Passive Integrated Needlestick Safety
  • Smart Syringe Reuse Prevention
  • End-of-Dose Cues
  • Allows Standard Syringe Procedures
  • Optional Flex Finger Flange