The Credence Micro-Dose™ Syringe System was designed for ocular injections.

Micro-Dose allows controlled purging of the air bubble to avoid patient pain, followed by precise delivery of extremely low dose volumes.

Credence Micro-Dose™ Syringe System

A Simplified Path to Best-In-Class Drug Delivery

Benefits for the Pharma Company

  • Compatible with All Prefilled Syringes
  • Does Not Affect Primary Drug Package
  • Needle Can Be User-Attached or Pre-Attached
  • Allows Baked-on Siliconization with a Pre-Attached Needle
  • Straightforward and Efficient Assembly

Benefits for the End-User

  • Enables Precise Micro Dosing to the Eye
  • Prevents Overdosing and Associated Risk
  • Simple to Use with Clear User Cues
  • Promotes Air Purging to Avoid Patient Pain
  • Simplifies Procedure