Top 6 Key Features | Must-Haves for Drug Delivery Systems

Your priority is your patients and your healthcare providers. Their experience with your precious medicines starts with your drug delivery system.

You have many considerations when selecting a drug delivery system. As you develop breakthrough new drugs, make sure your delivery system delivers on the needs of the healthcare professionals and patients using them. In recent usability studies, research indicates the importance of these 6 key features/must haves for drug delivery systems. See if your new drug delivery system is meeting this checklist.


Ease of use & user cues


Ease of safety activation


Robustness & reliability


Confidence & Feeling of safety


Comfort & familiarity


Design & innovation

Usability studies demonstrate that the Credence Companion excels in meeting these critical features

User Ratings: 1 = Least Favorable / 7 = Most Favorable


In a recent study of 24 providers and patients assessing the 1mL Long and 2.25mL Credence Companion:

• 100% of participants successfully administered the full dose
• 100% had a positive first impression of syringe
• 100% reported no difficulty dosing with syringe
• 100% reported no difficulty engaging safety mechanism
• 100% reported that they felt they were protected from accidental needlesticks after using syringe

Source: Credence Staked Companion 1mL Long and 2.25mL Formative HF Study: CD-006

Preference for Credence Companion Vs. Market Leading Device

CRE001-LeadMagnetCHART 1

Credence Delivers on Your User Needs and Demands

Make sure you are meeting the must-have checklist for drug delivery systems.

Studies show that Credence MedSystems outperforms competitors across the critical characterisitics that users demand. Simple, safe and intuitive to use, Credence MedSystems' products integrate seamlessly with your existing processes—allowing you to innovate, differentiate and deliver on user demands without disruption.

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